Gary A. Smook, Edition 3, Angus Wilde Publications Inc, Vancouver, 2002. Hard cover, 26 x 18 cm, 425 pages. ISBN 0-9694628-5-9.

This publication is known the world over simply by the author’s surname ‘Smook’, and has often been described as the ‘bible’ for paper technologists. The first two editions alone sold around 65,000 copies, and were translated into Chinese, French, Polish and Spanish. It has become a standard text for undergraduate level courses, and provides a very readable text that ensures a thorough grounding in all general aspects of pulp and paper technology.

Chapter listing:

1. Introduction
2. Characteristics of Wood and Wood Pulp Fibres
3. Wood and Chip HandlingSmoo 300pixk
4. Overview of Pulping Methodology
5. Mechanical Pulping
6. Sulfite Pulping
7. Kraft Pulping
8. Cooking Equipment
9. Processing of Pulp
10. Chemical Recovery
11. Bleaching
12. Pulp Mill Operating Strategy and Economics
13. Preparation of Stock for Papermaking
14. Secondary Fiber
15. Non-Fibrous Additives to Papermaking Stock
16. Paper Manufacture – Wet End Operations
17. Paper Manufacture – Dry End Operations
18. Surface Treatments
19. Multiply Paperboard Manufacture
20. Manufacturing Techniques for Specific Paper and Board Grades
21. Economics of Paper Machine Operation
22. Properties and Testing of Pulp and Paper
23. Introduction to Paper End Uses
24. Process Control
25. Mil Services
26. Water Pollution Abatement
27. Air Pollution Abatement