The main task undertaken by the Fundamental Research Committee (FRC) is to run the Fundamental Research Symposia which have been taking place every four years since 1957. The symposia are held alternately at Oxford University and Cambridge University colleges. The mission has always been to bring together the best scientists and engineers from around the world working in the pulp and paper areas and, for this reason, there is a rigorous refereeing process undertaken by FRC members making a Fundamental Research Symposium publication more valuable than those in most academic journals. Prior to each symposium, the FRC decides on a list of important current topics and invites those at the top in these areas to review recent work, often resulting in comprehensive documents of more than a hundred pages and with several hundred references to the academic literature. To ensure that the pulp and paper community can take full advantage of the 4 yearly events, the discussion around each paper is recorded and transcribed and becomes part of the proceedings.

Some printed copies of the earlier proceedings are still available, but all have been digitised and are available, either individually or as a set, on CDs.

15th 2013 Cambridge Advances in Pulp and Paper Research, Cambridge
14th 2009 Oxford Advances in Pulp and Paper Research, Oxford
13th 2005 Cambridge Advances in Paper Science and Technology
12th 2001 Oxford The Science of Papermaking
11th 1997 Cambridge The Fundamentals of Papermaking Materials
10th 1993 Oxford Products of Papermaking
9th 1989 Cambridge Fundamentals of Papermaking
8th 1985 Oxford Papermaking Raw Materials
7th 1981 Cambridge The Role of Fundamental Research in Papermaking
6th 1977 Oxford Fibre-Water Interactions in Papermaking
5th 1973 Cambridge The Fundamental Properties of Paper Related to its Uses
4th 1969 Oxford Papermaking Systems and their Control
3rd 1965 Cambridge Consolidation of the Paper Web
2nd 1961 Oxford Formation and Structure of Paper
1st 1957 Cambridge Fundamentals of Papermaking Fibres